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Ben's Friends 3/50

Ink by Stephanie

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Ben's Friends 3/50
Ben's Friends 3/50

This tile was made for the purpose of raising money for Ben’s Friends. Ben’s Friends is a nationwide organization that helps hospitality workers battling addiction. They reach out to community members and create a connection through in-person and online meetings. These workers are especially vulnerable to falling into addiction with the fast-paced nature of their work and proximity to drugs and alcohol.

In 2020, Ben’s Friends has played a key role in protecting these workers as their lives were turned upside down. Looking at extra stress in the face of unprecedented times, Ben’s Friends was there.

We need to be there for Ben’s Friends and those that they help now. We are in our darkest hour and we need to give them the fuel they need to keep the lights on for our F&B family to survive.

Each of these tiles is hand-painted using alcohol ink and forced air. These pieces have been double sealed with food-grade, heat resistant, and waterproof resin. The backs are finished with 4 felt pads, the name of this project, the date, my signature, and the number in which your tile was made in the sequence of this project.

These materials were found in my studio allowing me to donate 100% of the sale from each of these tiles directly to Ben’s Friends.